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Clubs & Societies

The clubs cater to the diverse interests of our pupils. They run activities that range from challenging projects and competitions that stretch the intellect of the pupils to community service and the appreciation of the aesthetics and culture. The clubs offered are the Art Expression, Environment Club, Infocomm Club and Toastmaster Club.

Art Expression

Like what Picasso says, “Every child is an artist”, we hope to inspire them and encourage them to express themselves creatively through different forms of art.

Environmental Club

Environmental Club seeks to promote environmental awareness to our staff and students to adopt an environmentally conscious lifestyle through school-wide environmental events and activities.

InfoComm Club

The use of Technology is growing fast pace. In InfoComm Club, we equip students with IT skills and broaden their perspective. Our members are exposed to different topics ranging from photography, videography, design to simple coding.

Toastmaster Club

Toastmasters Society aims to develop our students to be confident communicators who are able to contribute to the school and the neighbourhood. Throughout the school year, our members are given the opportunities to participate regularly in the school events as emcees and presenters.