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Performing Arts

The performing-arts instill in pupils a sense of grace and an appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of our multi-racial society. The performing-arts CCA offered are the Art Expression, Chinese Dance, Chinese Orchestra, Malay Dance, Indian Dance, International Dance and Choir.

Chinese Dance

Performed “风酥雨忆” on 2017 Prize Giving Day.

Indian Dance

The members learn to face challenges but stay resilient at all times.

Malay Dance

Jubilant performance through perseverance and dedication. They display confidence through commitment and teamwork while preserving tradition and upholding Malay Culture.

International Dance

International Dance was started in late 2017. The popularity of modern dance among the students during the school’s sing and dance competitions sparked the idea to start it as a CCA.




The CHOIR is a closely knitted group where choir members are Caring, Harmonious, Obedience, Integrity and Responsible.

Each year, the choir members (both senior and junior members) work together as they come together to sing for various events in school such as the PPE Experience, National Day and Prize-Giving Ceremony.

 Chinese Orchestra


Our Chinese Orchestra took part in school-based and outdoor performances to allow our students to build up their confidence and gain stage experience.

We have participated in many occasions such as Chinese New Year, Racial Harmony Day and Mid-Autumn Festival and have been invited to perform at Nanyang Community Club, Jurong Point and Frontier Community Club.