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From the Principal’s Desk

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Welcome to Pioneer Primary School! 


On behalf of all staff of Pioneer Primary School, I would like to wish one and all a Happy New Year!


2022 was a challenging year for everyone, not only in managing the pandemic but also in coming together as one big family. Both the staff and students have responded well to the changes and adapted to the new normal. Indeed, we saw the students working together towards our school vision. I am proud to share that our 2022 P6 students, have done very well in the 2022 PSLE against the odds.


We remain steadfast to our mission of nurturing our students to be lifelong learners, leaders in their own rights, anchored in sound values through offering a holistic education. Our school vision, “Passionate Learners, Confident Leaders, Gracious Citizens”, encapsulates the overall direction and purpose of Pioneer Primary School. We design and deliver a holistic education that seeks to develop our students to be self-directed individuals who find great joy in learning, ground them in the foundational knowledge and with a strong emphasis on critical thinking, character building and leadership. 


To prepare our students for a fast-changing VUCA world, our focus is forward-looking with a dynamic curriculum that equips our young charges with skills needed for the 21st Century. With a vibrant learning environment, innovative teaching and learning pedagogies and a team of professional staff to support students in their foundation years, Pioneer students will grow to be critical thinkers and confident persons. These aspirations are made possible in a nurturing environment where a strong culture of Care and Excellence is emphasised at every touchpoint.


Excellence is a journey and an iterative process of exploring, learning, innovating and seeking continuous improvement. In our journey towards excellence, we show Care and respect for everyone, supporting and helping one another to grow into Confident Leaders who make active contributions to the community. This year we have tweaked our Applied Learning Programme with Design Thinking as an approach to teach empathy and innovative solutioning to meet needs in the community.


Indeed, there is much to rejoice as we continue to work with our students in their foundation years. Amidst the changes and renewals, we have every reason to look ahead confidently, and be excited about what the future holds for Pioneer! Together with the strong support of our stakeholders, we’ll embark on our journey of excellence with a shared mission towards a shared goal, driven by our shared aspirations.


Have an amazing 2023 everyone!


Mrs Lee Wai Ling