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Applied Learning Programme

Pioneer Primary believes in developing Deep Learning Competencies in students to lay a solid foundation in our students for the VUCA world in the future. In alignment to the school’s vision, the school conceptualises Advocacy through Thinking, an Applied Learning Programme (ALP), to nurture Critical and Innovative Thinkers, and Advocates with Empathy and Enterprising Spirit.


Critical, Creative and Inventive Thinking

Through the programme, our students build the competency to think critically by learning Elements of Thought (EoT) defined by Paul’s Wheel of Reasoning. With Elements of Thought, students generate ideas, and explore possibilities in the Inter-Disciplinary learning of Environmental Literacy. The learning experiences are founded on the Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle (Primary 1 to 3) and Design Thinking (Primary 4 to 6) pedagogical approaches. The programme further strengthens the inculcation of Critical, Inventive and Creative Thinking through Computational Thinking and Maker-Centred Learning.

Effective Communication with Confidence

In addition, the programme also nurtures students to be Confident and Effective Communicators. Our students apply the Elements of Thought to understand different points of view, and gain deep insights through asking questions, interpreting information and making inferences. With greater awareness of Purpose, Context and Audience, they communicate more effectively and confidently to share ideas, convey opinions and rally support from their peers. 
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Stewardship and Advocacy

The programme capitalises on Environmental Literacy as its central theme. It is an approach that integrates Inquiry-based Learning, Experiential Learning and Stewardship into a dynamic and cohesive pedagogical framework. As good stewards of the environment, our students engage in environmental inquiry to ask questions and explore issues about the environment. They collaborate and advocate to the wider community their passion, beliefs and solutions to environmental issues and problems, thus contributing and making a positive impact to the community. The focus on advocacy is consistent with MOE’s desired outcome to bring about active contributors as part of active citizenry.

Learning Outcomes

Competency Areas

Critical, Creative & 

Inventive Thinking


with Technology

Stewardship and 



of Thoughts

  • Evaluate Problems through Questioning

  • Reason with a Purpose

  • Reason based on Data, Information & Evidence

  • Generate Ideas and Reason with Concepts 

  • Infer, Interpret, Conclude to give meaning to Data

  • Evaluate various Points of View

  • Identify and clarify Assumptions

  • Evaluate Implications and Consequences

New Media Literacy

Computational Thinking

  • Accessing and Using Information

  • Designing and Producing Digital Artefacts

  • Solving Problems using Coding and Prototyping



  • Clean and Green Environment

  • 4Rs – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

  • Plastic Waste Pollution

  • Sustainable Food Source

  • Clean Water and Conservation

  • Clean Energy, Global Warming and Climate Change