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Talent Development

We believe that every child is uniquely different and potentially a talent in some specific area/s.  They have the potential to grow and shine, and possess aspirations to achieve their goals and dreams. In Pioneer, we make every effort to identify and understand their needs and interests, and make provisions to nurture their specific talent/s.

PioneerSHINE is a Talent Development Programme (TDP) designed to help students develop their potential to the fullest. To do so, we adopt a two-pronged approach:
    1. Guide and mentor students in their learning journey of discovery, understand, pursue and stretch their interests and strengths, and
    2. Inculcate essential foundational skills to be a passionate learner, confident communicator and critical thinker who are rooted in values.

PioneerSHINE programme follows Dr. Treffinger's Levels of Service (LoS) approach. Customised and differentiated programmes are offered to students at 4 tiers, ranging from programmes for the whole school population to targeted programmes that cater to the specific needs of different students. 

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PPS SHINE 4-tier Programme

Level of Services

PPS Programmes

LoS 1: “Discovering & Building” 

PPS ensures quality teaching and learning in every classroom. 

  • General academic curriculum 
  • P1 - P6 Applied Learning Programme 
  • P1 - P6 Musical Exploration 

LoS 2: “Curious & Exploring”

PPS helps students explore and discover their strengths and talents through participation in activities of interest.

  • School activities and competitions  

LoS 3: “Enthusiastic & Performing”

PPS offers students with aptitude opportunities to extend and deepen their involvement and learning in specific talent areas. 

  • Literature (English) Appreciation Programme (LEAP)
  • Math E2K
  • Math Olympiad
  • Science E2K
  • Dance Ambassadors Programme
  • Community Problem Solving (CmPS) Programme

LoS 4: “Passionate & Soaring”

PPS provides high-level learning opportunities beyond the core academic content areas to students with interest and aptitude and opportunities to participate in external programmes and competitions.

P4 – P6 PPS SOAR Programme 

  • Interdisciplinary Peer Mentoring 
  • Magazine Journalism Programme
  • Broadcast Journalism Programme
Our programmes are created with the High Support: High Challenge approach (Mariani, 1997) in mind. The school provides strong teacher support and a curriculum that challenges the students. 21CC skills are purposefully infused in the lessons and opportunities are created to contribute to the school and community. The result of this is a platform where students are highly engaged and motivated. Students practise critical thinking and communication skills vital in 21st Century, nurture a sense of empathy and commitment and take strides forward in their learning. 

Through this journey, we hope that every Pioneer student will shine in their own way and at the same time, illuminate the path of others.