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Learning for Life Programme

Pioneer Primary’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), “Graciousness and Fitness Through Dance” aims to expose students to various dance genres. The rigorous training enables students to develop their confidence and perseverance, learn to work cooperatively with each other and show respect for different ideas/opinions. 

Our LLP is a 6-year programme, with progressive levels of difficulty. It caters to students’ interest and provides opportunities for those who show talent in dance to develop their skills further. 

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the 6-year programme, students will be able to
    • Develop body coordination and physical fitness through dance
    • Develop an appreciation for aesthetics and cultures associated with the various dance genres 
    • Develop creativity, social skills and cross-cultural skills

Our Approach

Tier 1 

    • Adopt a developmental approach to condition students’ fitness
    • Create multiple platforms for school/public performances 
    • Collaborate with English Language Department to promote joy of learning and empower students to express different ideas through creative movements 
    • Work closely with CCE Department to instil values and cultivate an appreciation for the diversity of cultures and arts

Tier 2

    • Scout for young talents at lower primary to join the Dance CCA
    • Design and create learning experiences for P3 to P6 students who show interest and talent in dance to further develop their skills
    • Organise annual “We Can Dance” competition 

6-year LLP Programme


Genre/ Movement

Platform to 

showcase skills

Inculcate values 

through Dance 


P1 & P2

  • Creative Dance / Focus on body parts and coordination

  • Students create a simple dance movement. 

  • Incorporated Speech and Drama into the dance movement

Speech and Drama Performance for Parents

Performances for the kindergarten children 

Developing self-confidence


Ethnic Dance / With Focus on ASEAN culture

Dance showcase during IFD celebration /Aesthetics Week  

  • Students learn different cultural and international dances. 

  • Students also learn about the history of these dances and appreciate the unique culture of other countries

  • Developing self-confidence

  • Cross-Cultural Skills


International Dance / With focus on other culture in the world 


Modern Dance/ Hip Hop or Jazz with part of the dance choreograph by the students.

Inter–Class Dance competition / Teachers’ Day concert showcase

Promoting teamwork and resilience by working as a team to overcome challenges and doing their best

  • Developing self-confidence

  • Cross-Cultural Skills

  • Collaboration and teamwork


Modern Dance/ Hip Hop or Jazz with part of the dance choreograph by the students. 

Dance chosen has a  higher intensity and complexity 

Graduation Concert