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School Information


Passionate Learners, Confident Leaders, Gracious Citizens


To nurture students to be lifelong learners, leaders in their own rights, anchored in sound values through a holistic education


Go for Excellence!

Core Values (RI2SE)

  • Care 
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Resilience

Student Outcomes

By the end of P6, our students are self-directed in learning, critical in their thinking and passionate in all that they undertake. Confident, resilient and flexible, they are guided by sound values to lead and contribute to the school and community.
  • Critical Thinkers
  • Self-directed Learners
  • Leaders with Character
  • Confident Persons

Strategic Thrusts

ST 1: Future Ready Learners, Our Gems

As a school, we will nurture our students to be critical and reflective thinkers through engaged learning. Our teaching and learning opportunities have to be deliberately engineered to provide for breadth and depth in thinking and also allow students to articulate their thoughts and ideas. Students will need to learn to work collaboratively with others to bring about breakthroughs in learning. 

ST2: Confident Leaders, Our Pride

We will nurture all our students to be confident leaders of good standing and character through values education. We need to develop in them the right habits for personal and social effectiveness. Our students will also need to be adept at communications skills, the ability to articulate with clarity of thought and persuade with passion and conviction. These are the hallmarks of a leader for the 21st Century.

ST3: Innovative and Engaged Staff, Our Enablers

Our valuable staff are central to the holistic development of our students. To achieve the School Vision, it is strategic to invest in developing staff capacity and capability so that we can deliver a learner-centric curriculum that is caring, differentiated and engaging. It is important that we place emphasis on culture building so as to engage our staff to work as a team. The school’s approach is to empower staff to be innovative so as to bring about engagement and school excellence.