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Clubs & Societies

The clubs cater to the diverse interests of our pupils. They run activities that range from challenging projects and competitions that stretch the intellect of the pupils to community service and the appreciation of the aesthetics and culture. The clubs offered are the Art Expression, Environment Club, Infocomm Club and Toastmaster Club.

Art Expression

Our Art Expression Club aims to cultivate a love and appreciation for the visual arts in each of our member. Through the weekly session of hands-on activities and termly learning journey trips, we hope to develop positive values and art skills in these young learners.

Toastmaster Club

Toastmaster aims to nurture confident and articulate communicators through a varied and interesting programme. Students will be given opportunities to develop their public speaking and leadership skills.

Infocomm Club

With technological advancements in the 21st century, it is vital for students to be equipped with necessary skills for the digital world. In InfoComm Club, our members will be involved with activities such as game making and design challenges using simple coding and drones.

Environmental Club

We focus on caring for the environment as our heart in attitude and character building. We used different action and approaches, like the green activities and the infusion of Environment Education into curriculum as our hands as we influence and participate in building environment awareness to all as our head.