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Performing Arts

The performing-arts instill in pupils a sense of grace and an appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of our multi-racial society. The performing-arts CCA offered are the Art Expression, Chinese Dance, Chinese Orchestra, Malay Dance, Indian Dance, International Dance and Choir.

Contemporary Dance


In 2018, the Chinese Dance members and International Dance members came together to form the Contemporary Dance CCA. Pioneer Primary School Contemporary Dance CCA comprises of about 40 students, ranging from P1 to P6. With this new arrangement, students were given more opportunities to be exposed to different forms of dance, including contemporary dance, modern dance, hip hop, ballet and jazz. Our dancers have participated in many major events to showcase their talents. In 2018, the students participated in Singapore Youth Festival – Dance category and they brought glory to our school name as they achieved the SYF certificate of Distinction for the 5th time consecutively since 2008.

Indian Dance

With much focus and determination, we are able to show our talent and effort as passionate dancers.

Malay Dance

Students learn and practice desired characters traits such as commitment, teamwork, determination and resilience. Through perseverance and dedication, students showcase rich and jubilant performances, donned in vibrant Malay Dance costumes.

Our choir consists of an enthusiastic bunch of young members who share a passion for singing and have built up close friendships with each other. Singing in the choir allows members to learn basic musicianship skills such as reading and following a musical score. It also harnesses members in their communication and teamwork as it promotes active participation in singing together as a choir. One voice, one choir!



Chinese Orchestra
Our Chinese Orchestra took part in school-based and outdoor performances to allow our students to build up their confidence and gain stage experience. Our students also learnt values such as perseverance, responsibility and teamwork.