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Sports instil character and develop robustness, fair play and team spirit. The sports CCA offered are Athletics, Netball, Football and Wushu. 

Netball is a sport that requires players to communicate and work well with each other. In PPS Netball, we focus on developing players with values and skills. Like our team motto, ‘Persevere and Soar’, we want our players to persevere and succeed both on court and in life.
Athletics gives every student the opportunity to discover and develop their talent. With determination and hard work, Team Pioneer athletes will enjoy success.
In Pioneer Primary, we aim to develop the love for football in our young players and cultivate a passion for playing. We aim to develop them into responsible leaders of the future.
Wushu is a Chinese word, 武术 , which is a combination of the characters wǔ, which means “martial“, ”war” or “combat”, and shù, which means “art form“.  So, Wu Shu literally means “martial arts“. 

Wu Shu is both an exhibition and a full-contact sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts. In Pioneer Primary School, our Wu Shu programme is geared towards nurturing young kids to young adults through play.