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To equip all Pioneer pupils with critical language and thinking skills so as to be confident communicators.

Primary 1 to Primary 6: STELLAR Programme

STELLAR or STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading aims to strengthen both language and reading skills, as well as promote a positive attitude towards reading in the foundational years through the use of well-established, learner-centred and developmentally appropriate pedagogical approaches using authentic children's literature.

Reading Programmes

Objective is to nurture independent readers by:

·         Creating a reading environment

·         Promoting extensive reading

·         Helping pupils with reading difficulties

·         Monitoring pupils’ reading progress

                *  STAR Reading Assessment

                *  Morning Silent Reading

                *  Reading Chronicles

                *  Mass Borrowing (with NLB)

Each pupil has to meet the reading targets every term. A minimum of 4 books must be read each term. Class library books are selected by the English teacher in accordance to the class’s reading level. Pupils are encouraged to read beyond the termly targets and record their reading achievements in their Reading Chronicles. In addition, English teachers expose pupils to a variety of rich texts and use several modes to deliver effective reading lessons.

Writing Programme


  1. To enable pupils to write effectively and clearly to communicate ideas, through meaningful activities, for a wide genre of purposes, audiences and contexts
  2. To help pupils develop a positive attitude towards writing

    *  Key Strategies:

        - 6 Traits of Writing

        - Writing Using Mentor texts

Whole School Approach to Effective Communication (WSAE - EL) Programme


1. Speak with accurate pronunciation and appropriate intonation

2. Read aloud clearly and fluently using the appropriate voice qualities to convey meaning and expression

3. Speak with confidence before different audiences

Three Step Approach - Explore. Engage. Empower.
Three Step Approach