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Project Work


Project Work is a learning experience which aims to provide students with the opportunity to synthesise knowledge from various areas of learning, and critically and creatively apply it to real life situations. This process, which enhances students’ knowledge and enables them to acquire skills like collaboration, communication and independent learning, prepares them for lifelong learning and the challenges ahead.

Learning Outcomes

In Pioneer Primary School, the learning outcomes for Project Work are aligned with the desired outcomes of education. Project Work assesses pupils’ ability to excel in the following four dimensions:

Confident Person Self-directed Learner
  • Communicates effectively
  • Questions for clarification and identification of problems/ solutions
  • Searches and gathers information via various and appropriate medium
  • Effectively use information
Concerned Citizen Active Contributor
  • Empathises with and respects others
  • Participates actively
  • Exercise initiative and takes risks
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Aims for high standards

These learning outcomes exist in dynamic interplay rather than as compartmentalised and distinct categories.


A Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach is adopted for Project Work. The steps are as follows:

  • Authentic problem provided to pupils – pupils are expected to identify facts
  • Pupils work in teams to generate possible solutions
  • Pupils go through decision making process and formulate final solution
  • Pupils design and implement plan of action
  • Pupils to follow through with plan
  • Pupils reflect on learning process

In PBL, the pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their groups and organise and direct the learning process with support from the teacher. The approach will enhance content knowledge while simultaneously fostering the development of communication, problem-solving, and self-directed learning skills.