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Vision & Mission

To create a nurturing and innovative environment that prepares our students for the future.


To nurture and develop our students to be upright in character, be passionate about MTL and be lifelong learners of MTL

To provide a learning environment where we nurture our students into passionate learners and develop them into interested, confident and competent Chinese Language users.

Programmes & Activities

1. Modular Chinese and Higher Chinese 

The Modular Chinese Language curriculum structure caters to the unique needs and abilities of our students. All students take the Core Module; students who require additional support take the Bridging Module, while students with the ability and interest study the language at a higher level through the Enrichment Module. To further meet the needs of students with high ability, Higher Chinese are offered from P3 to P6. 

2. Student Learning Space

The online portal promotes self-directed learning. Students can learn at their own pace, revisit concepts and read up on other areas of interest. Teachers use the Student Learning Space to complement their classroom teaching, further enriching students’ learning experience. Providing such a learning environment cultivates our students to become active and confident users of technology.

3. iMTL Programme 

The iMTL Portal, available in 3 languages, provides an interactive platform for teachers and students to engage in Mother Tongue Language learning activities. The Portal will be rolled out to all Primary Three to Primary Six students, supports the teaching, learning an assessment of Mother Tongue Languages. The “Interactive Writing” feature allows peer editing and collaborative writing which helps students to improve on their writing. 

4. Mother Tongue Fortnight 

In addition to the fun, excitement and hands on activities through the language and cultural activities, students will gain a deeper insight into their own culture and will learn to appreciate them better.

5. Other Activities 

o HEART Programme
o Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES) 
o Conversational Chinese and Malay (CCM) 
o Chinese New Year Celebration 
o Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 
o Participation in Internal and External Competition