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Vision & Mission


To create a nurturing and innovative environment that prepares our students for the future


To nurture and develop our students to be upright in character, be passionate about MTL and be lifelong learners of MTL

To provide an environment where our students can learn and appreciate Malay Language and inculcate an interest and love for the Malay Culture and Literature.

Programmes & Activities

To meet the different learning styles of our students and maximize learning, the ML programmes are built around the principles of Multiple Intelligences. National Education values are also incorporated in our lessons so that our students receive a well-rounded education.

1. Development of core language skills

We aim to develop the core language skills: oral, listening, reading and writing of our students

To promote oral skills, we use Show & Tell in the lower primary and Class Presentations for the upper primary. The objectives of both programmes are to build self-confidence and encourage the use of spoken Malay Language.

2. iMTL Programme

The iMTL Portal, available in 3 languages, provides an interactive platform for teachers and students to engage in Mother Tongue Language learning activities. The Portal will be rolled out to all Primary Three to Primary Six students, supports the teaching, learning an assessment of Mother Tongue Languages. The “Interactive Writing” feature allows peer editing and collaborative writing which helps students to improve on their writing.

3. Other Activities

o Mother Tongue Fortnight
o Conversational Chinese and Malay (CCM)
o Hari Raya Puasa Celebration
o Participation in Internal and External Competition