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Are values taught or caught?

How do we build strength of character in our children? I asked one of my daughters this question, and this was her reply:

“For me, I learnt from your words and actions. You preached kindness and respect and I saw you practising it as you interacted with staff and students as a principal. Even when you had to discipline the naughty students, it was always done with kindness and respect. What struck me most was the joy you brought to people. So as a child, I learnt that joy was the result of treating people with kindness and respect. I think that really shaped me.”

Through an experiment, a psychologist, Mr J. Philippe Rushton, demonstrated that role modelling was the most effective way of helping our children to internalise values. Often, adults are not aware of the impact of our actions. For instance, if a parent curses other drivers on the road, children in the car will think that it is acceptable and do likewise when they get angry. In our day-to-day lives, we need to be more conscious of our own behaviour, even when it is not directed at our children, such as our response when something unexpected happens.

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