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National Education

National Education (NE) is part of holistic education. It aims to develop national cohesion, cultivate the instinct for survival as a nation and boost students’ confidence in our nation's future. It also emphasises on cultivating a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore.

The National Education messages and accompanying values are:

  • Singapore is our homeland; this is where we belong.
We treasure our heritage and take pride in shaping our own unique way of life.
  • We must preserve racial and religious harmony.
We value our diversity and are determined to stay a united people.
  • We must uphold meritocracy and incorruptibility.
We provide opportunities for all, according to their ability and effort.
  • No one owes Singapore a living.
We find our own way to survive and prosper, turning challenge into opportunity.
  • We must ourselves defend Singapore.
We are proud to defend Singapore ourselves, no one else is responsible for our security  and well-being.
  • We have confidence in our future.
United, determined and well-prepared, we have what it takes to build a bright future for ourselves, and to progress together as one nation.
The objective is to develop national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in the future, 
  • by fostering a sense of identity, pride and self-respect as Singaporeans;
  • by knowing the Singapore story - how Singapore succeeded against the odds to become a nation;
  • by understanding Singapore's unique challenges, constraints and vulnerabilities, which make us different from other countries;  and
  • by instilling the core values of our way of life, and the will to prevail, that ensures our continued success and well-being.

Our Approach

Our school observes the 4 commemorative events that are linked to important points in Singapore’s history. The aim is to entrench these events and the images they evoke in the consciousness of each successive generation.
    • Total Defence Day
    • International Friendship Day
    • Racial Harmony Day
    • National Day


Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day (TDD) is commemorated annually on 15 February which marks the fall of Singapore to the Japanese in 1942. Our students learn to reflect on how Total Defence remains our best all-round response to threats and challenges that confront Singapore (e.g. terrorism, pandemics, cyber-attacks, influence campaigns, economic crises). They also reflect on the continuing relevance of the six Total Defence pillars (military, civil, economic, social, digital and psychological) and the core message to every Singaporean to stand together, with each playing his part to protect Singapore and our shared way of life.

International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day (IFD) is commemorated on the 3rd Friday of Term 2 where students learn about and appreciate the diverse and colourful culture and traditions of the region.  Our students get to reflect the impact and importance of the following to Singapore: 

  • An active foreign policy to maintain our international space
  • Openness to the international flow of trade, ideas and talent
  • Cross-cultural skills and a global orientation
  • Mutual respect and understanding to maintain social cohesion in our multi-cultural society

Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony Day (RHD) marks the anniversary of the 1964 racial riots. On 21 July, our school commemorates RHD with our students to celebrate Singapore as a harmonious society built on a rich diversity of cultures, requiring collaborative efforts from all to promote social cohesion and harmony.  Students learn that in Singapore, people are treated equally regardless of race and religion.  They will learn to make friends with people of other races, religions and diverse backgrounds, and appreciate the multi-cultural mix that makes Singapore unique. 

National Day

National Day marks our separation from Malaysia in 1965, and our emergence as an independent country in a community of nations. Since 1998, schools have commemorated National Day for students to reflect on the historical importance and solemnity of National Day.

NE Show
Since 1997, all Primary 5 students are invited to attend the NE Show, which is essentially a preview of the National Day Parade to better appreciate the significance of National Day.