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Today almost every child grows up with digital devices at home and in the classroom, and this changes the way he/she learns.  To ensure Pioneer students are equipped with the digital know-how and become self-directed and responsible users of digital technology, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department designs relevant learning programmes incorporated with skills, knowledge, attitude and values that will enable them to apply and demonstrate when they

  • Curate digital content,
  • Create digital multimodal products, and 
  • Connect and communicate digitally across a range of digital media platforms in the digital networked environment. 

Adopting MOE’s New Media Literacies Framework, Pioneer ICT learning programmes also covers cyber security and wellness in the critical areas and issues associated with ethical and legal as well as safe and responsible use of ICT.


Competency Areas

Learning Outcomes

P1 & P2

P3 & P4

P5 & P6


Access to Information

Demonstrate effective search skills

Practise safe and ethical search


Information Management

Organise digital information using appropriate data management tools and strategies


Inquiry of Information

Determine reliability of information


Verify information to make discerning choice


Risk Evaluation and Management

Adopt a proactive stance to maintain online safety



Use digital creation tools and applications to create a digital artefacts efficiently


Effectively utilise appropriate digital creation tools and applications to create digital text-based and multimodal products

Apply fundamental understanding of ethical and legal issues surrounding the creation and sharing of digital creation



Communication of Information

Use appropriate digital communication tools and strategies to share information with the intended viewers



Participate in digital community actively


Manage personal identity and reputation


Demonstrate appreciation for diversity and social cohesion


Technical Understanding

Basic Operation of Computing Devices

Operate and navigate in multiple forms of user interface 

Operate peripherals equipment

Basic Operation of Applications/Software

Use application software, files and folders effectively

Storage and Maintenance of Data

Save, download and transfer data


At the end of the 6 years of primary education, students will acquire a set of basic ICT skills under the 21st Century Competencies on the Communication, Collaboration and Information domain:
  • Conduct internet searches and organise the digital information for ease of retrieval while recognising copyright regulations governing the use of digital information,
  • Verify the accuracy, credibility and currency of a piece of information,
  • Select and put together different media elements to construct a digital artefact, while making informed choices with regard to how to use information ethically,
  • Exchange digital information with others synchronously and asynchronously, while observing proper etiquette, and
  • Manage the digital footprint he/she makes when sharing information online.

Media Resource Library

To nurture every Pioneer student to be avid readers, Pioneer MRL organises regular activities that students can participate.
ICT  MRL.jpg
  • Books ALIVE
  • Book Talk, Book Sharing and Reading a-Loud (Recess Activities)
  • Thematic and Festive Display (Monthly, i.e. Blind Date with a Book in February)
  • Genre and Author of the Month (Monthly)
  • Primary 3 to 6 Library Periods 
  • Reading Carnival (Semestral)
  • Top Class Borrowers (Monthly) and Reading Champion (Termly)
  • Mass Borrowing (in partnership with NLB)
  • Lower Primary Storytelling and Library Card (in partnership with NLB)