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We believe every Pioneer student has the potential and capability to learn.  We design our in-house teaching and learning resources, differentiated to address the diverse range of student learning needs and talents, spark their curiosity and inquisitive mind and foster deep understanding. To enhance the joy of learning, students are provided with opportunities for collaborative learning and problem solving, harnessing the affordances of technology and applying mathematical concepts and skills in authentic settings.  

Our Key Strategies

Pioneer SPARKLETM Thinking Routine

SPARKLETM (SPAR/KLE: Study, Ponder, Apply, Review, Knowledge Leap and Extension) is our in-house thinking routine that aims to develop our students to become critical thinkers through collaborative problem solving and co-constructing of mathematical solutions.  Students are challenged with non-routine, open-ended and real-world problems where they explore, learn and/or apply different mathematical concepts to derive at possible solutions.

Other Teaching and Learning approaches applied to develop critical thinking, reasoning and metacognitive skills in students include:

Way of Problem-Solving

Mathematical Tasks Involved

Teaching & Learning Approaches

“Teaching for 


- Routine problems 

(Textbook and workbook problems)

- Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) approach

- “I-do, We-do, You-do” approach

“Teaching about 


- Non-routine problems

(In-house designed mathematics heuristics package)

- Pioneer SPAR Thinking Routine (mathematical problem-solving approach)

- “I-do, We-do, You-do” approach

- Productive failure approach

 “Teaching through


 - Open-ended, real-world problems (Pioneer SPARKLE Mathematics projects)
- Excellence 2000 (E2K) Mathematics Activities
 - Pioneer SPARKLE Thinking Routine (SPAR + KLE mathematical problem-solving approach)

Our Key Programmes

Honeybee Programme This programme provides small-group specialised early intervention to students who need additional help with the learning of mathematics.
Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) The programme aims to level up the confidence and achievement of students in mathematics by addressing their learning issues in the areas of learning gaps, language, motivation and memory.
Spatial Play and Recess Play These programmes provide the opportunities for students to play with 2D and 3D objects/images physically and virtually in class, during recess and at home to develop their spatial visualisation skill that is essential for mathematical problem-solving.
Mathematics Heuristics This programme adopts a systematic approach using thinking routine to equip students with thinking skills and heuristics that are essential for mathematical problem-solving.
Thinking Curriculum - Mathematics This programme adopts a systematic approach using SPARKLE thinking routine, to equip students with 21 st  century competencies through collaborative solving of open-ended, real-world problems.
Mathematics Booster This programme provides higher-order mathematics problems beyond students’ grade levels to boost their interest and potential in mathematics.
Mathematics Olympiad This programme aims to expand students’ knowledge of mathematical concepts beyond the primary syllabus and develop their critical and creative thinking skills to solve challenging problems.
Excellence 2000 (E2K) Mathematics This programme aims to develop students' mathematical reasoning skills and deepen their conceptual understanding through an inquiry approach. Students will have opportunities to work independently or collaborate with their peers and engage in mathematical thinking through resources such as puzzles, games and mathematical explorations specially designed for this programme.