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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) consists of 4 modules which are categorised into two broad areas – (i) Sports & Games and Outdoor Education, and (ii) Performing Arts and Visual Arts.  PAL is carried out for P1 and P2 over 4 school terms during curriculum time. Adopting the Heads, Heart and Hands Framework, all activities are carefully designed to ensure students are engaged in meaningful learning experiences. 


  • Provide students with a broad exposure and experience through fun and varied activities
  • Facilitate holistic development of students in the five domains, that is moral, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetics
  • Provide varied avenues for students to develop social and emotional competencies

Characteristics of Pioneer’s PAL

  • Support learning in a creative way – provide inquisitive and curious learners space to explore and apply skills, concepts, ideas to new situation
  • Provide opportunities for children to create and co-create – structured process, time and space to create and express their ideas individually and collaboratively
  • Fun and enjoyable – provide opportunities to discover the world around them and expand into new areas that are both enjoyable and challenging
  • Incorporate values education and social-emotional learning – learn about themselves and understand how to better relate to and work with others through group activities
  • Experiential in nature – active, hands on and meaningful learning experiences in a non-threatening and authentic environment
  • Interdisciplinary programme – integrated into CCE Lifeskills lessons and Science “Nature Comes Alive” programmes to create authentic learning experiences and strengthen social and emotional competencies