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Science education in Pioneer Primary aims to enthuse and nurture all students to be scientifically literate and they learn to ask, find or determine answers to questions about everyday experiences.  Equipped with strong Science fundamentals and 21st Century Competencies such as critical and inventive thinking and effective communication, students will have the essential skills and knowledge, be prepared for future learning and work. To foster the joy of learning, students are provided with authentic experiences both in and out of classroom settings to promote self-directed and collaborative learning.

Our Key Strategies

Through inquiry-based learning, students familiarize themselves with thinking routines to promote scientific thinking and communication, ie Predict-Observe-Explain (POE) for hands-on experiments and Analyse-Concept-Explain (ACE) for Science in daily context. Using these two thinking routines, students acquire basic concepts and hone process skills like analysing, comparing, interpreting and evaluating to explain scientific phenomenon around them. 

Our Key Programmes

Science Recess Play Activities curated to ignite curiosity in students to learn Science beyond the classroom. Students are meaningfully engaged in simple hands-on activities that hone process skills and learn scientific knowledge during the various recess sessions.
Science Immersion “Young Explorer” Introductory programmes to Science for Primary 1 and 2 in collaboration with EL Stellar and Art with the purpose of enthusing them in the learning of Science.
Primary Science Curriculum Guided by the Primary Science syllabus, these inquiry-based lessons build scientific thinking and communication in students by equipping them with scientific knowledge, skills, processes and ethics to enable them explain daily scientific phenomenon around them and make informed decisions.
Excellence 2000 (E2K) Science A Science enrichment programme for Primary 4 and 5 high ability students that engages them in scientific investigations involving advanced science concepts. It aims to engage students in scientific inquiry that will help them to develop the habits, attitudes and dispositions scientists possess as well as to gain important 21st century competencies such as critical and inventive thinking and effective communication skills.