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P1 & P2 Programmes

The heart of lower primary curriculum is “the Joy of Learning”. In Pioneer, we believe in nurturing the joy of learning so that every child can discover his/her interests, grow his/her talents and love what he/she is doing. School is an exciting place to learn new knowledge and skills, where learning is interactive and fun.

The Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) comprises of shared experiences among the students through hands-on activities like making sandwiches and going on Learning Journeys etc. Speech and Drama is another programme that not only helps to develop their creative movements, it also builds their confidence in public speaking through stage performances.

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) aims to achieve a holistic primary education by placing greater emphasis on non-academic aspects within the curriculum. The programme encourages learning beyond the classroom with opportunities to try out activities in Sports and Games, Outdoor Education as well as the Performing and Visual Arts. The students get to participate in activities like making pinwheels to learn about the elements of the environment and develop their survival skills through pitching tents in the outdoors. 

With the carefully designed lessons to develop the conflict management and time management skills, the students are given ample opportunities to work collaboratively with their peers in a group setting to nurture their social skills.

Making Salad


Learning Journeys



Stage Performances


PAL Activities


21 CC Project Work