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Parents Support Group (PSGs)

The Parents Support Group (PSG) in Pioneer Primary School was set up to play a key role in inspiring and guiding passionate parents who wish to contribute to the school's efforts, coordinating their time and effort effectively to give our students the best educational experience.

The PSG works hand in hand with the school in supporting our programmes. It also serves as a platform for parents to come together to share new ideas for school improvement. Through PSG, you get to make new friends with other parents in the school. You can share knowledge and expertise together. With the various skills and knowledge that is harnessed from PSG members, we hope to enhance and value-add to the learning experiences of the students in the school. Through this partnership, we are able to strengthen the ties between home and school to create a holistic education experience for our students.




Parent volunteers step forward to offer their services to the school to give back to the community by adding happiness in the lives of the students in the school. They send a clear signal to their child that they are deeply concerned with their well-being. This will in turn encourage their child to adopt positive attitudes towards learning, motivate them towards better personal development and make a difference to the people around them.



Being supportive parents is not all about putting their children as the focal point of their volunteer efforts. They go beyond supporting their own child and contribute to a larger group of students. Parents and schools are key building blocks of education. Hence, we work hand in hand, strengthen the partnership and support each other as we help our students to be confident and useful citizens of tomorrow!