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Student Leadership

In Pioneer Primary School, we believe that every student is a leader that serves, cares and leads. The Student Leadership Structure is a tiered approach where students are given leadership opportunities. At Tier 1, students lead their peers in their own classrooms. They may take on roles such as Group Leaders, Subject Representatives, IT Monitors, PE Monitors, Class Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons.

Leadership development goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. When the students join a Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) in Primary 3, their development as student leaders continues. At Tier 2, students are given the opportunity to be CCA leaders to hone their decision making skills and take on the responsibility of mentoring the younger members in the CCA. At Tier 3, CCA leaders who excel may be appointed key leadership roles in their respective CCAs. These appointments may come in the form of Team Captains / Vice-Captains of the Sports CCAs, Presidents / Vice-Presidents of the Dances, Clubs and Societies and Squad Leaders in the Uniformed Group CCAs.

Students who consistently display exemplary conduct and leadership potential are then selected as Student Councillors. The selection process is a thorough one that includes nominations by the Form and Co-form teachers as well as looking at the students’ leadership attributes. CCA Leaders and Student Councillors will then undergo training on Conflict Management and Event Planning. Equipped with these skills, the CCA Leaders and Student Councillors will then lead their peers in their respective CCAs as well as the Student Council.

As members of the Student Council, the student leaders are involved in all major school events throughout the year. They dedicate their time to ensure that the events run smoothly under their charge. The leadership skills that they learnt through the school programmes will take them a long way through their lives.

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