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School Rules and Discipline Policies

Pioneer Primary School believes that good discipline is critical to effective learning, hence the school strives to develop in our students, self-discipline and pro-social behaviour. We seek the cooperation of parents and guardians to reinforce good behaviour at home.

The following information serves as useful guidelines to help every student measure up to the standards of behaviour expected by the school. When a student misbehaves inside school or outside school, disciplinary actions will be taken against him/her and the incident will be recorded in the School Cockpit System.

1. School Hours

AM Session - Primary 1-6

Day Silent Reading & Flag Raising Ceremony School Hours
Mon to Fri 7:30 am * 7:35 am – 1:30 pm

* Students are to be seated at the respective assembly area.

2. National Anthem and Pledge

All students must attend the daily flag-raising or flag-lowering ceremony.
Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
Stand at attention:
    o when the flag is raised or lowered
    o when the National Anthem is being sung and
    o during pledge-taking.

3. Personal Appearance

  1. School Uniform
    o Students must attend school and all school activities in proper school uniform.

    o Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.

    o Shoes and socks are white. Socks with brand labels are not allowed. Length of the socks must be above the ankle.

    o The school T-shirt and shorts are meant only for Physical Education (PE) and games. During days with PE lessons, students can be dressed in PE attire for the whole day. (For health reasons, it is advisable to have a change of PE attire.)

    o Students who come back to school during the weekends and holidays must be in school uniform or in appropriate CCA attire.

    o Students in home clothes will not be allowed entry into the school premises.

    o The wearing of slippers, sandals and track shoes for normal school functions is prohibited unless permission is granted by the Principal.

    o The school uniform consists of a turquoise pair of shorts/skirt and a yellow shirt/blouse. The school badge is on the left pocket of the school shirt/blouse.

  2. Name Tag

    A coloured name tag is to be sewn on the pocket of the school shirt/ blouse above the school badge. 

  3. Hair must be neatly combed.

    1. Boys

      • Hair length must be above the school shirt collar, and not touch the ears and eyebrows.
      • No tinted or dyed hair is allowed.
      • Boys are not allowed to keep facial hair and boys with facial hair will be required to be clean-shaven.

    2. Girls

      • Short Hair – Hair length be above the collar
      • Long Hair – Hair must be neatly tied-up or plaited with black bands or ribbons. Coloured and fanciful bands are not allowed.
      • Girls with long fringes must wear black hair bands or hair clips.
      • No tinted or dyed hair is allowed.

    3. Fingernails

      • Student’s finger nails are to be kept short and clean at all times.
      • Students are not allowed to apply nail polish on their fingernails.

    4. Accessories

      • No jewellery, talisman or any form or adornment is to be worn in school. If necessary, it must be kept in the students’ wallet or pocket.
      • Studentsare not allowed to wear rings, bracelets, necklaces or bangles.
      • Boys are not allowed to pierce ear holes or wear earrings/studs.
      • Girls are allowed to wear only plain ear studs.
      • Girls are only allowed to wear black hair band or ribbon.

4. Personal Conduct

Students must be responsible for their actions and expect certain consequences if they do not obey the school rules and regulations.

Students are expected to:

  • be punctual for school,
  • be proud of and be loyal to our school,
  • dress and walk smartly,
  • be friendly, polite and helpful,
  • greet everyone cheerfully and with respect,
  • maintain orderliness and silence when moving around the school premises. No running is allowed, and
  • play safely – do not run or play along the corridors, staircases, in the canteen and carpark.

Behaviour before/during/ after class

All students are expected to be responsible for your own learning and co-create a positive learning environment through adopting the following Respectful and Responsible behaviours:

  • Enter and leave your class in an orderly manner. If your teacher has not arrived, remain seated outside the class.
  • When in class, seek permission from the teacher to leave the classroom, and use the movement pass.
  • Seek permission when borrowing anything from others.
  • Complete and hand in all written assignments and projects on time,
  • Be an active learner. Be attentive, listens and participates actively during lessons. Stay focused on you class task and remain seated unless you are given permission to leave your seat.
  • Get ready all books and stationery for each lesson, at the beginning of each lesson.
  • Write neatly and keep books clean.
  • Report any misbehaviour to your teacher.
  • Bring only tap or mineral water into the classroom. Sugary drinks are very unhealthy.

Behaviour in the Canteen

  • Queue when buying food/drinks in the canteen.
  • Hands should be washed before and after eating/drinking.
  • Consume food and drinks only in the canteen.
  • Be seated while eating.
  • Return utensils, crockery and empty cups/glasses to the pails/basins provided.
  • Keep the canteen clean at all times. Throw all plastic wrappers into the rubbish bins.
  • Observe good table manners.
  • Play is not allowed. Refrain from playing or running in the canteen.


  • If you need to be excused from the classroom to go to the toilet, you need to request for the use of movement pass.
  • Take note of hygiene when using the toilet.
  • Keep the toilets clean.
  • Save water at all times.
  • Play is not allowed. Refrain from playing or running in the toilet.
  • Report any vandalism or irresponsible behaviour in the toilet to any school staff, discipline teacher and/or Operations Manager (OM).

Absence from School

A student who is absent must submit either a medical certificate or a letter from his parent / guardian to his/her form teacher on the day he/she returns to school.

For examinations and test, a medical certificate is necessary to certify and justify student’s absence; otherwise he/she will not be graded for that paper.

If student is going to be absent from school for three or more days, please inform the form / co-form teacher.

For long periods of absence, kindly make arrangements with the form / co-form teacher regarding schoolwork.

Late for School / Late for Class / Skipping Lesson

  • Students who are late for school and/or class / skip school will be subjected to disciplinary action accordingly.
  • Students who are late for examinations will not be allowed to sit for the paper.
  • student will be considered late for school if he/she is not present at the assembly area by 7.30am.
  • Students must remain within the school grounds once they have reported to school.

Requests for Early Release from School

  • A student may request an early release from school only on the following conditions:
    • when he/she is not feeling well,
    • upon special request from his/her parent / guardian
  • A student must first obtain permission from his/her form teacher via an early dismissal slip. The student must then report to the General Office to contact his/her parents/guardian. The student’s parents/guardian must counter-sign against the early dismissal slip and be the one to fetch him/her home.

5. School Property

  • Students are allowed to use the Indoor Basketball Court and Special Rooms only in the presence of a teacher/ staff.
  • All books, sports equipment and items loaned from the school must be handled with care and returned in good condition after use.
  • Students are not allowed to bring home any school property unless given permission by a teacher.
  • Students are required to replace any damage or loss which they caused to any school property due to recklessness or negligence.

6. Examination Matters

  • Possession of notes, attempt to communicate with and/or copy from others or allowing others to copy during examinations or tests is a very serious offence. Students found cheating or attempting to cheat during tests or examinations will be dealt with severely.
  • When a student is absent for a test or an examination, he must submit a medical certificate to the Form Teacher when he/she return from medical leave. If not, the child will be given a zero mark.

7. Care for Personal Belongings

Students are responsible for their own personal belongings and should avoid bringing valuables or excessive amounts of money to school.

8. Items Banned in School

The following items must not be brought to school:

  • board games
  • computer games
  • card games
  • chewing gums
  • walkman, MP3 Players or other electronic devices capable of distracting students from school work
  • metal rulers
  • laser pointers
  • sharp-pointed objects (eg. comb)
  • pen-knife
  • matches / lighters
  • hazardous chemicals

These items will be confiscated and returned only to parents.

9. Mobile Phones

  • Students are discouraged from bringing their mobile phones to school. The school will not be held responsible for any loss of mobile phones.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off during school hours, CCA and remedial lessons. Students who are found using mobile phones during school hours, CCA or remedial lessons will have his/her mobile phones confiscated. Confiscated mobile phones will be returned only to parents .