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Counselling Services

Pioneer Counselling Programme provides support for our students to ensure overall personal and social well-being. Our school counsellors work closely with students who struggle with emotional and well-being difficulties. They establish a therapeutic relationship with the students through trust and empathy. They help students learn and apply strategies to manage and cope with their emotions and make choices for positive change and development.

Desired Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Develop healthy identities
  • Recognise and manage their own emotions
  • Develop a sense of responsibility, care and concern for others
  • Relate to others and develop positive relationships
  • Manage challenges
  • Make responsible decisions and act for the good of self, others and the society

Our Approach and Strategies

  • Individual activities – such as narrative therapy,  art therapy, individual counselling, play therapy and teaching coping skills.
  • Group activities – such as teaching coping skills, strengths and resilience activities, group therapy and social skills training.
  • School wide programs – Cyberwellness Program and Peer Supporters Program, Orientation talk and other Mental Health Awareness Assembly Talk.