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Core Values

The school’s character development programme aims to develop every student to be a responsible leader with character, resilience and integrity with a heart for all. 


Core ValuesPerformance and Moral Character
The student:
  • Does the right thing
  • Tells the truth despite pressure from peers/ family
  • Acts ethnically, consistently and in a trustworthy manner
The student:
  • Is gracious towards his/her dealings with others
  • Respects and accepts differences
  • Is appreciative when others have helped him/her
  • Is tactful to friends and on social media
  • Is a good team player; able to work with others in a group setting
The student:
  •  Responsible for his/her
    - own health
    - grooming
    - safety
    - behaviours
    - academic
  • Is reliable and dependable to carry out and complete tasks
  • Learns independently
  • Is responsible in keeping the school clean
  • Is responsible for his/her family
  • Is responsible for his/her family & country
The student:
  •  Works towards achieving the goal set despite setbacks
  • Adapts to changes readily
  • Manages his/her emotions well
  • Perseveres when faced with challenges