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Core Values

The school’s character development programme aims to develop Young Leaders with performance and moral character through several platforms such as Civics and Moral Education (CME), Lifeskills, National Education (NE), Values in Action (VIA) and CCAs. 

Core Values

Performance and moral character

Character Traits

Desired Behaviours

An Inquiring and Imaginative Mind

Performance Character

Life-long Learner Engaged, Empowered Learner

• Learns independently
• Reads widely
• Participates Actively
• Self motivated
• Questions & problem solves
• Imagines, creates, innovates
• Refl ects – assesses own learning
• Independent Learner
• Thinks fl exibly
• Persists

Doing Our Best

Performance Character

Flexible and
Diligent and Attentive

• Sets own goals in studies, CCA and for
own self development
• Strives to meet targets
• Strives for accuracy
• Strives to be the best
• Sociable and works well with teammates
• Communicates effectively
• Learns from feedback
• Contributes actively
• Shares knowledge

Value Self and Others

Moral Character

Care and Share
Loyal and Cooperative

• Cares for Self and Others; helpful
• Gracious, courteous and well-behaved
• Respectful: understands and accept
differences; tactful
• Responsible:
- for own health (healthy habits)
- for own grooming
- for own safety (safety habits)
- for own behaviour (self discipline)
- for own studies and work
• Socially Responsible – participates
actively for class, school and community
• Displays class, school and CCA spirit
• Is a team-player


Moral Character


• Tells the Truth
• Does the Right Thing
• Makes responsible decision