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CARE@Pioneer is an experiential learning that is part of a comprehensive and deliberate effort to enculturate staff and students in a whole school approach to instil a growth and resilient mindset in building a culture of care. It stems from the belief that a caring culture will bring about positive discipline, positive school culture and enhance student well-being. Through a series of planned programmes, they serve as affirmative actions that the school takes to foster positive engagement of teachers and students in Teacher-Student Relationship and Peer Support Relationship building.

The programme is rolled out at the beginning of the year to all Primary 4 to 6 students. The activities are facilitated via effective questioning and reflections to promote social skills, build strong inter-personal relationship and boost problem-solving skills. For the lower primary students, activities are customised to meet their ability without comprising the learning outcomes.

For the students, the collaborative activity gave them the opportunity to work together to problem-solve and resolve issues amicably. In the process, they also learn about responsibility and accountability. The follow up lessons also taught students about coping skills to build resilience.



Humpty Dumpty




Let’s Rock


The Kaleidoscope

Our Key Approaches

Self-Determination Theory (SDT)

SDT provides a framework to help foster students’ motivation. It refers to three basic psychological needs - autonomy, competence and relatedness which are essential for students to be actively and positively involved in their learning. Understanding students’ motivation is key to educate them in becoming self-directed and lifelong learners. According to the SDT, students have a natural tendency to explore their environments, to grow, learn and develop. Thus, an important goal of this programme is for educators to cultivate this inherent interest within the students by exploring positive traits and interest to yield positive outcomes.

Singapore Teaching Practice (STP)

CARE@Pioneer is also designed to align to one of the pedagogical practices in the STP - Positive Classroom Culture. Through Positive Discipline and establishing interaction and rapport, the lessons and activities are designed for teachers to build trust and set routines, expectations and goals in the classroom. With this, students become empowered in their own learning as the classrooms become more conducive for learning to take place.