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Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) provides students with a platform to discover their interests and talents. It is incorporated into our curriculum time and after school extra training is provided for selected students. The activities planned help develop in the individual, a life-long love for a particular activity, be it a sport or musical pursuit. This helps the individual to lead a balanced life in adulthood. 

In Pioneer Primary School, we offer 16 types of CCAs which are categorised into 4 main categories namely, Physical Sports, Performing and Visual Arts, Uniformed Groups, and Clubs and Societies.

Each CCA has its specific objectives. For instance, Physical Sports develop raggedness, fair play and team spirit in students. The Performing and Visual Arts instill in students a sense of graciousness and an appreciation for finer things in life. Uniformed Group activities aim to make good citizens of students by inculcating in them self-reliance, resilience, discipline and a spirit of service to others. Clubs and Societies allow students to explore and extend their interests in wide ranging and specialised areas which may be knowledge-based or skills-based. Students are honed in information, communication and technical skills as they strive for mastery in the specialised areas. 

Students progressively develop CCA-specific knowledge, skills, values and attitudes through sustained participation in any of the CCA groups. CCAs also offer excellent platforms for students to learn core values, social and emotional competencies and the emerging 21st Century Competencies. 

All CCAs emphasise on social interactions and provide a common space for friendships and social integration amongst students of diverse backgrounds. Through CCA participation, students develop a sense of identity and belonging to the school. 

CCA Categories



Physical Sports

Basketball, Football, Netball and Wushu

Performing and Visual


Art Expression, Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, 

Indian Dance and Malay Dance

Uniformed Groups

Boys’ Brigade and Cub Scouts

Clubs and Societies

Infocomm club, Robotics and Toastmaster Society